About our company

JUMAG sa was incorporated in 1987. Principal owner is Lennart Göransson, with very long experience in the field of Separation and Filtration.

JUMAG centrifugal separators are produced in a ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant, capable to build to different codes and norms like EN/PED, ASME etc. Besides standard production, see the different product data sheets, we construct our separators and other products in different materials and to required pressure ratings.

JUMAG is active internationally with distributors located in all parts of the world but geographically and traditionally, our major markets are to be found in Europe. But we have also distributors outside this area in i.e. Russia, South America, Middle East, Asia, etc…

JUMAG is continuously in the process to develop and enlarge our network of distributors and if you would be interested to represent and resell our products in a geographical area or country, alternatively for a specific application or a market segment, please contact us here in Brussels.