Jumag SA is a well established company specialized in liquid filtration and we propose a variety of products and systems to eliminate unwanted solids/particles in water - liquid systems.

In the field of industrial cooling water filtration our products are mostly used as full or side stream filters and in water treatment installations frequently as pre-filters, in for instance raw water applications, to protect the finer water treatment equipment which might follow.

The products we normally supply are:

Manufacturing and design capabilities of our company include products delivered in accordance to the EU Directive 97/23/CEE and other codes such as TÜV and ASME for many different materials and pressures. If special requirements in this respect cannot be handled in house, we are working with vendors having the experience and know how to meet your needs.

Due to the low investment cost and the capacity to work also with very high levels of particle concentrations, which could be expected in periods of high turbidity,  the centrifugal separator is frequently used in water treatment systems. The fact that there are no moving parts implies that there are no maintenance costs.

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